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#11 Best Quotes Sms Wishes Of Friendship Day 2016 for Girl friend, Boyfriend

In My earlier post "{ 10+ } Awesome Gift Ideas for Friends In Friendship Day 2016 || Friendship cake" i had shared with you Some special Friendship Day gift ideas 2016, its very necessary for you in this friendship day because when you have no ideas of gift then you can also take best Ideas of gift from my post , now i wanna shared with Best Quotes Sms wishes Of Friendship day . so go below and find out best ones from in these . If you want Best Wallpaper Of Friendship day 2016 then come to in my link "15+ HD Wallpapers of Friendship Day | Happy Friendship Day Pictures Wallpapers" and then shared with your friends. I have Also Best Sms Wishes Of friendship Day 2016 so if you want these then come to my another link "Friendship Day SMS - Top Best Happy Friendship Day SMS 2016" then shared with you lovely friends. I have also Full Poem Of Friendship day so come to link "Best Friendship Day 2016 Poems | Happy Friendship Day Poems For Friends" then shared with you friends.

#11 Best Quotes Sms Wishes Of Friendship Day 2016 for Girl friend, Boyfriend

Best Quotes Sms Wishes Collection Of Friendship Day 2016- 

Get Some Friendship Day 2016 SMS along with top best happy friendship day quotes wishes from here, a latest collections of best happy friendship day  Quotes Sms Wishes Of Friendship Day 2016 for Girl friend, Boyfriend........

A good friend is like a computer. I 'enter' in your life, 'save' you in my heart, 'format' your problems, 'shift' you to opportunities & never 'delete' you from my memory!

Wish you all a very Happy Friendship Day! I miss you all a lot. Thanks for giving me your love and affection.

Sorry, if I ever hurt your feeling. But I really love you since you are one of my sweetest friends. I miss you all the time. 
Love you & miss you so much. 
Keep smiling forever.

True friends will not have any reason for their friendship. So it can never be broken when they don't find that reason.

Hi i love your smell like a buttercup. You are nice and sweet and I miss you.

U mean the world to me and i just want to let u no i am making u a DVD :D lol well yea i can't wait till the summer when we spend time together all over again but it just makes us remember that highschool is almost here love u a lot

I wish you all a very very happy Friendship Day. May our bond of friendship last till eternity. 

A single candle can illuminate an entire room. A true friend lights up an entire lifetime. Thanks for the bright light of your friendship.

I wish you a very "Happy Friendship Day" with more Love and God Blessings.


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