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{ # 11+ } Best Quotes Message, Quotes Sms Of Friendship day 2016 || Happy Friendship Day

Hello Friends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Friendship Day To All

I am here with my new post that is Friendship day Quotes Message, Quotes Sms 2016 so enter here and get Best once From Here. In my previous Post "Happy Friendship Day 2016 Cute Greetings & Images For Friends Boyfriends/Girlfriends" I had shared with you Best Greeting, Image Of Friendship Day 2016 so you can get from here best ones. I have also wallpaper Of Friendship Day 2016 so if you wanna these wallpaper then come to here "15+ HD Wallpapers of Friendship Day | Happy Friendship Day Pictures Wallpapers" and Get Best Wallpaper for you friends, Boyfriends and Girl Friends.  Friends I have Awesome Gift Ideas Of Friendship Day so come here "" and get Best Ones From Here "{ 10+ } Awesome Gift Ideas for Friends In Friendship Day 2016 || Friendship cake" and shared with your friends.

hd image of friendship day 2016
hd image of friendship day 2016

Top Quotes Message, Quotes Sms Of Friendship day 2016-

Find Some friendship day 2016 Quotes or happy friendship day quotes 2016 along with top best happy friendship day quotes message with some great looking happy friendship day quotes sms from here Just send these happy friendship day quotes from here. you can easily share these best quotes of happy friendship day 2016 through facebook, twitter, whatsapp and other social media on the occasions of Happy Friendship Day 2016:

Respect the friends who have time for you in their busy schedule,
But truly love and trust only those friends, who never look at their schedule when you really need them.

Friendship is like a silent, unbreakable promise „you are my friend no matter what“.

When you are happy, you wish to be with the person who you love the most,
But when you are sad, you wish to be with the person who loves you the most.

Always try to spend some time for your true friends, even though you are very busy.
Cause one day you can get free time, but there will be no friends around you.

What does true friendship mean?
It means understanding, but not agreement.
Also friendship means to forgive, but not to forget.
It means, that even if contact is lost, memories will last forever.

While true friendship is like a text message – it will wait for you, till you open it.

Sharing memories, secrets and smiles that touch the heart.
Laughter, long talks, when we are near or far apart.
I am so glad that from being strangers
We have grown to perfect friends! 

 I don‘t need words to talk about friendship, because I‘m lucky to have an amazing person, who understands even my silence.

I have born under a lucky star,
Cause I found a true friend as you are!

Just like I caught you,
So be good, or I will fry you, buddy!

It‘s good to have money and buy the things, but never forget to make sure that you haven‘t lost something important that money can‘t buy – friends.

Just want let you know that my silence doesn‘t mean that I forgot you or do not care about you,
Cause true friendship is like the air, it‘s always around you, even if you cannot see it.


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