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{Top + 15 + } Happy Fathers Day Poems From Son & Daughter With Images For Daddy

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image of fathers day 2017

Fathers Day Poems From Son, Daughter to Daddy --

Sometimes life throws us curveballs
And nothing he does is fair
We know we have a lot of differences
But with a dad's love, who cares?

Sometimes it seems like he doesn't understand
And it is difficult to relate
But with a big bear hug and a look in his eyes
Some of my pain can go away

We don't always have similar view points
When we disagree, we might shout
Yet when the day is over
Our love can work it out

It's hard to reach common ground
When the road is really rough
I may feel like he's always against me
But in truth, he couldn't love me enough

Yes, life (and parents) throws us curveballs
But one thing is for sure
My dad is more than just a dad
He is a daughter's cure

Dedicated to Brent Tucker
He may not be my father, but he will ALWAYS be my dad


The day will come when it's time to go, 
But first there are a few things I would like you to know.
You're the strongest man I ever knew, and the one I've always looked up to.
You worked your fingers to the bone, to make sure we always had a good home.
You take turns visiting us all winter, spring, summer, and fall.
Even on days you could barely walk, there was nothing that would keep you from your kids when we needed to talk.
It's been a comfort to know that you're here, whether it's to lend a hand or to bend an ear.
You let us know you're as proud as can be, you are proud of the whole family.
You're not just a father but also a friend, who we know we can count on until the end.
I am sure God is watching from up above, and can see the father with the unconditional LOVE.

I won't be long now daddy
Only four more months to go
You listen to mummy's tummy
And see how much i grow

You have two little pictures
So you can see I'm really here
I can't wait to spend some time with you
And bring your life some cheer

I have ten little fingers
And ten little toes
Two little eyes 
And a cute little nose

I can't wait to meet you
I know we both will have fun
I want a cuddle from my daddy
Show me life can be fun

I hold out my hand to you
Look into my eyes
Mummy loves you daddy
I will tell you no lies

I know my mummy loves you
With every breath she takes.


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