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Patriotic Memorial Day 2017 Poems Songs And Prayers For Soldiers Of US Army

Memorial Day Poems Songs And Prayers- 

Today we Wish you a great Happy memorial day 2017!!. Its the great and patriotic day for our country because its the Memorial day Here. we should remember our soldiers for their great effort for our country. We should Love our soldiers who die for our nation. we are praying for our army peoples who sacrifice everything for their nation. We are remembering those man and women who fight for their country. Also Like : "Facebook, Whatsapp Status Of Memorial Day 2017 || Happy Memorial Day 2017 "

Memorial day is the day for those Army Man who are real hero of our country. so we are singing song for them. for this moments, memorial day songs poems are best way to remember our soldiers. if you guys really confuse about which memorial day Prayers Songs are best for them then here at Happy memorial day website we have just landed these Memorial Day Poems and Songs for You. just share these happy memorial day prayers with your friends to shows that how much you care their sacrifice. get some great patriotic Memorial day poems songs prayers form here send with your friends and other one's. Also Like : "Memorial Day Wishes, Message, Images, Greetings, Quotes: Thank You US Soldiers "

Patriotic Memorial Day Poems Songs And Prayers For Soldiers Of US Army-

Patriotic Memorial Day 2017 Poems Songs And Prayers For Soldiers Of US Army
Patriotic Memorial Day 2017 Poems Songs And Prayers For Soldiers Of US Army

Happy Memorial Day Poems 2017-

Clothes soaked with blood, and blood on his boots,
As he breaths he gurgles blood,
He lays in the shadow cast by a wall of stone,
A million miles from home,
Eyes wide with fright. His brothers by his side.
"He quietly prays as he slowly dies,
As blood drains from his body, color leaves his face,
His blood waters the flowers in this God forsaken place,
They hold him so he doesn’t die alone.
They hold him until they have to bag him and send him home."
"Tears leave streaks down a dirty face,
Sorrow and emptiness now takes his place,
With the utmost care they zip up the big black bag,
and wrap his body in an American flag,
A hero is going home.

Happy memorial day poems 2017-

A people persecuted beyond imagination;
To help them he felt, was his obligation.
He joined the army in World War II;
Not knowing his hell would be Eyes of Blue.
When he reached Normandy, the beaches were red.
Crawling over his brothers who lay already dead.
To give this tyrant, this devil his due;
Not knowing his own demons, would be Eyes of Blue.
He rounded a building securing a town; A young
German soldier was just coming round. He plunged
his bayonet, the quicker of the two; Killing the
young soldier, with Eyes of Blue. He knelt down
beside him with tears in his eyes; How long this
moment would last, he did not realize. He closed
the eyes as he thought he should do; Thinking never
again to see those Eyes of Blue. The victor over many
in Germany and Japan; It was always difficult taking
life from a man. None would haunt him, this he now knew;
As long as the soldier, with Eyes of Blue. He died an
old man, to heaven he went; For this honorable soldier,
mercy was sent. First time since the war, so sad but true;
A peaceful sleep, not seeing Eyes of Blue.
by Eyes of Blue" by Arlene Smith
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Memorial day Songs 2017-

Soldier, rest! thy warfare o’er,
Sleep the sleep that knows not breaking;
Dream of battled fields no more,
Days of danger, nights of waking.
In our isle’s enchanted hall,
Hands unseen thy couch are strewing,
Fairy strains of music fall,
Every sense in slumber dewing.
Soldier, rest! thy warfare o’er,
Dream of fighting fields no more:
Sleep the sleep that knows not breaking,
Morn of toil, nor night of waking

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