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{ Top 10 } Hindi And English Sms, Quotes Of Mothers Day 2017 For Wife And Husband

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How Are you all??????????????????? Now i come back to her with my new post that is " Happy Mothers Day 2017  Hindi and English sms for Wife and husband". so where are you friends you have no much time for this Day because you are very near this world famous Celebration Day. In this All Children celebrated this Festival with his mother and Father ,Mothers Day is very popular festival in all over world so here I have some sms of  Happy Mothers Day 2017 if you send Mothers Day message of your wife or Husband. In my previous post "{ Top 9} Mothers Day Wishing Poem, Wishing Slogan and Wishing Songs For Fathers, Relatives and Friends || Happy Mother Day Hindi Poem For Ma"i had shared with you because when in this day you all meet together then you will enjoy and singing a song so friend enjoy this moment with your mother ever. Happy Mothers Day 2017 coming on this may so do start your preparation friends, I have also Gift Ideas Of  Happy Mothers Day 2017 if you want this then go here "Best Gift Ideas For Mothers Day Special 2017 || Happy Mothers Day 2017" and get best Gift for your mother in this celebrating Day. If you want take all Sms , Quotes Images , Wallpapers and Gift Idea of  Happy Mothers Day 2017 then go to my website "" and get Best one .

image of mothers day 2017
image of mothers day 2017

Hindi And English SMS , Quotes OF Mothers Day 2017 For Wife and Husband--

Happy Mothers day Hindi Message 2017-

1 Din maa se pocha k
maa k marnay k baad,
dua kon karay ga?

Tu maa boli!
Samandar sookhnay k baad bhi
rait mein nami reh jati hay

Maa se rishta aisa banaya jaae,
Jisko nigaaho me bithaya jae,
Rahe uska mera rishta kuch aisa k
Wo agar udaas ho to humse bhi muskuraya na jaae

Maa hai mohabbat ka naam,
Maa ko hazaron salaam,
Karde fida zindagi,
Aaye jo bachon ke kaam. -

माँ से रिश्ता कुछ ऐसा बनाया 
जिसको निगाहों में बिठाया जाए 
रहे उसका मेरा रिश्ता कुछ ऐसा की 
वो अगर उदास हो तो हमसे भी मुस्कुराया न जाये

मेरी दुनिया में इतनी जो शौहरत है मेरी माँ की बदौलत है .. 
ऐ मेरे ऊपर वाले  और क्या देगा तु मुझे मेरी माँ ही मेरी सबसे बड़ी दौलत है

English Message of Mothers day 2017-

Once upon a memory 
Someone wiped away a tear 
Held me close and loved me, 
Thank you, dear Mother .

The warmth of your embrace The picture of your smile The tenderness of your love I always feel safe and sound Every time you are around You’re the best Mom! Happy Mother’s Day

When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. 

Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn, 
Hundreds of bees in the purple clover, 
Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn, 
But only one mother the wide world over. 


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