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Top # 10+ Happy Hug Day SMS Wishes 2017

Top # 10+ Happy Hug Day SMS Wishes 2017: Welcome to my site, Happy valentines day 2017. So today is Happy Hug Day. so for this purpose here we have provides some best Hug day SMS Wishes for girlfriend. just send these hug day sms message to your lover in this valentine's day. if you are searching some best hug day wishes then you are at right place. here we have listed some best happy hug day sms 2017, Hug day wishes for boyfreind. so what are you waiting just share this page with your friends and loving one's.

Top # 10+ Happy Hug Day SMS Wishes 2016
Top # 10+ Happy Hug Day SMS Wishes 2017

Happy Hug Day SMS Wishes 2017-

This hug will make u feel
Can u feel it?
Best wishes 2 u on this hug day. Happy Hug day 2017.

Keep it going by passing
this hug on 2 ur friends.
Enjoyable Hug Day.
Happy Hug day 2017.

I suddenly remember being very little and being
embraced by my father. I would try 2 put my arms
So hug me tight on this hug day sweetheart,
around my father’s waist, hug him back. I could
never reach dwhole way around dequa2r of his body;
he was that much larger than life. Then one day,
I could do it. I held him, instead of him holding me,
and ol I wanted at that moment was 2 have it back dother way.
Happy Hug day 2017

Ur arms were always open when I needed a hug.
ur heart unders2od when I needed a friend.
ur gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson.
ur strength and love has guided me & gave me wings.
Wishing u a happy hug day………Happy Hug day 2017.

Ur love is the song in my heart!
The sunshine in my sky!
The promise of my world!
The centre of my universe!
I Love U!
Happy Valantines Day!
Love is a great passion
which want a start from
a warm hug and also want
the end with a tight hug.
Hug me and Tell Me
Everything Will Be Fine
happy hug day messages

Do you know I love you from my heart?
And I love you a lot,
I miss you a lot,
And I kiss you a lot,
But I don’t hug you a lot,

Hug to your partner every day,
And also kiss to her every day,
But when she feels sad,
Then hug to her more and ore….

A hug is like a handshake from heart to heart,
And you are my heart and I am your heart,
So met them together to say happy hug day,

Sending you a hug to ease your stress.
a kiss to make you smile and my heart to say,
I’m thinking of you. i miss you!!
Happy Hug day to u dear…

When you hug someone It's nothing
When someone hug you It's something
When you love someone and they love you back It's everything..!!
Happy Hug Day SMS Wishes

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