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Unique Valentine's Day SMS And Wishes 2017 || Special Love SMS Of Happy Valentines day

Happy Valentine's Day Wishes-

Welcome to my new post, here are "special and unique Valentine's Day Sms" for you which you want share from your love's one. And your love's one is waiting of your love sms so go below and find out "best Valentine's Day 2017 Sms". Because friends it post or we can say that our website" "only for lover's .so you could find out "best wishes, images and Sms of Valentine's Day 2017".it's your Day friends enjoy this moment with your love's one. We have other  special wishes for you friends and  you can find out here"Valentine's Day 2017 || Best Wishes and Sms ".now I have some special Valentine's Day sms 2017 .

Valentines Day is also known as "Saint Valentines day" or the "Romantic day" which is celebrate on February 14th every year. Valentine’s day marks the end of the most romantic valentine’s week which starts from Rose day which is celebrate on 7th February after that Propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, kiss day and hug day celebrate before happy valentines day on 14th February. Happy Valentine Day to all and we hope you express your faithful love in front of your sweetheart or to your loving one. now send top best wishes of valentines day 2017 from here to your friends, relatives and other loving ones which I have shared here for you.

Unique Valentine's Day sms and Wishes 2016 || Special Love Sms
Unique Valentine's Day sms and Wishes 2017 

 Some Special Happy Valentine's Day 2017 Sms and Wishes--

1-L - Loving u 4 ever!
   O - Owing everything 4 u!
   V - Very nice person 4 u!
   E - Everything sacrificed 4 u!
   "Happy Valentine's Day 2016".

2-U know why god made eyes in pair,
    lags in pair, hands in pair, & the heart as single?
   Just to find a heart of your choice & make a pair...

3-To let some1 realize your importance try to stay away so that they miss u.
   But don't stay away for such a long time that they learn to live without u.

4-how to impress a girl:
   respect her,
   honors her,
   love her,
   protect her,
   care for her,
   how to impress boy
   just a smile (game over)

   If sum1 dies early, people say God loves him very much!
   But u r still on earth..
   It means sum1 on earth loves u more than God!

6-A Heart dies wen it is not able to Share its Feelings!
   But A Heart kills itself wen another Heart doesn't understand its Feelings!

7-Wen lots of people start to luv u & u may get confused whom to luv,
   Just tell them I HATE U!
   Everyone will get back but not d person who truly loves u!

8-LØVÊ is not only gaining sum1,
   But also losing yourself to sum1..
   If 1 loves u, its not coz of your excellence..
   Its coz of d purity of your heart

9-Love is beautiful like butterfly!
   Wen u try to catch it, it flies away..
   But wen u wait silently, it comes & touches u..
   So wait for your butterfly!

10-Wen U love
     U get hurt.
     When U get hurt
     U hate.
     Wen U hate
     U try 2 forget.
     Wen U try 2 forget
     U start missing.
     Wen U start missing
     U fall in love again.

Well !!! these are the collections of happy valentines day 2017 sms wishes for you.  Thank You Visiting for Our Blog. I Am Assure This Article May Be Helpful For You. Please Help Us To Enlargement Of This Blog. So, Share This Blog/Article Along With Your Friends. You Can Use Facebook, Whatsapp & Twitter Etc.,


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