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Top # 14+ {Happy} Hug Day SMS Wishes 2017: Valentines Day Week

Happy Hug Day SMS Wishes 2017- Welcome guys !!! this is the lovely moments of Happy Valentine's day 2017 here we have collected happy Hug day sms, hug day wishes 2017. Are you looking for Happy Hug day wishes message. So what are you waiting for just share this page with your friends, family and loving ons and also like our previous posts " Happy Promise Day Message & Wishes 2017" and "Happy Promise Day Message & Wishes 2017: Valentines Day Week".

Top # 14+ {Happy} Hug Day SMS Wishes 2016: Valentines Day Week
Top # 14+ {Happy} Hug Day SMS Wishes 2017: Valentines Day Week

Hug Day SMS Wishes 2017-

Do you know...
There is one gift which can't be given
without taking it back...
That is why I give you hug
which can't be giving without taking it back.
Happy Hug Day !

What the heart gives away is never gone,
but kept in the hearts of others,
from dusk to dawn.
Hug Day you from the core of my heart.

Never ask for a hug Just take it
Never ask Do You Love me Say I Love you
Never say I Can’t live without you
Say I live for you. you’ve been trained
Now go and FLIRT !

Cutest proposal ever by a boy of 5th standard-
Boy- Do you hug ur teddy bear while sleeping at night??
Gal- Yes!
Boy- Can I replace it for the rest of ur life??

Worrying never reduces sorrow of anyone,
However, it enhances the own health problems,
Instead, hugging politely to any needy,
May prevent him to go on wrong way.
Happy hug day….

No matter where you are
I’ll always find my way to ?
Hug you tight and shower you with my kisses
I love only you!Wishing my dear a happy hug day.

Koi kahe isse Jadu ki Jhappi,
Koi kahe isse pyar..
Mauka khoobsurat,
Aa Gale Lagja mere yaar..

Happy Hug Day !
Bole toh
Hug Day Mubarak !

There Is A Warm Hug Where You Are
A Shoulder I Can Lean On Tenderness,
Warmth, Smile, Happiness In Short,
Where You Are There Is Everything
I Can Dream Of Wishing My
Sweety A Happy And Joyful Hug Day.

When my arms can’t reach people
Who are close to my heart,
I always hug them with my prayers.
May God grant you
What ur heart desires and keep you happy..

Just do me a favor,
Put ur left hand on ur right shoulder and
Ur right hand on ur left shoulder.
Guess what …
I just messaged you a hug.

If You Hesitate When I Hold Ur Hand,
I Will Let You Go, If You Run
Away When I Give You A Kiss I
Will Let You Go, But Once You
Let Me Give You A Hug,
Just Once I Will Never Let You Go.

( . . ) BEAR
( ‘ ” ‘ ) HUG!!
Happy Hug Day to my dear girlfriend..

This hug will make you feel
Can you feel it?
Best wishes to you on this hug day.

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